Special Projects and Geeky Odd Jobs

Sometimes you just need a geek for an odd job. Maybe you need one system talk to another. May you need an entire process created for building a catalog or sharing information. No matter what the job is, if it's geek, we can probably figure out a way to do it.

Special Projects, Geeky Odd Jobs, and Case Studies

Below are just a few of the special projects and odd jobs we've worked on over the years.

Document Scanning for Luxury Home Builder

Winderup was was asked by a luxury home builder in Upstate New York to scan the contents of dozens of job books to digital files.

Throughout their process, the builder maintained books on every job. Inside the books were contracts, change orders, surface and fixture choices, floor plans, and more. Basically, each book described each home project from start to finish.

Winderup scanned the pages of each book and returned high-resolution color PDF files that indexed and searchable. The physical project books could then be destroyed, reclaiming much needed office space.

Ag-Analyst Publishing System

Winderup was contacted by a company of experts in the Ag Industry to help them with a new publishing system.

The Agricultural Economy is complicated stuff, but this organization of economists made their living making sense of it. They had a spreadsheet-driven system which accepted input from various data sources, such as the DOE and USDA. Then, through their own special magic, they produced the valuable analysis and forecasts their customers demanded.

Their final documents had to be in PDF and Powerpoint formats. At that time, this was not an easy thing to get Excel Tables and Charts into Acrobat or Powerpoint, but we did it. Winderup developed a method whereby the client could press a button and watch dozens of complex, time-sensitive documents get built right before their eyes.

On Demand Insurance Benefit Summary Booklets

Health Insurance plans are often the product of a negation between the insurance company and a business. Once the plan is settled upon, the details of the benefit (co-pays, coinsurance, doctor networks, etc.) must be shared with the employees of the company, often in the form of printed booklets.

Winderup collaborated with a quick-printer to design a workflow whereby custom book runs of varied sizes could be created quickly and efficiently. The process allowed for runs of a single book up to 1,000 or more.

The printer had split the book into 4-signature sections, unique to the various plan groups, along with several covers. The middle section was ours to customize, but prepared as color shells, waiting for black text to overprint on a Docutech.

Winderup created a website for the insurance reps to work through a wizard-like series of forms, entering values and making choices as they went. Upon confirmation, a unique document was created and a color composite PDF proof displayed just seconds later for the insurance rep to approve. Of course, changes could be made and a new proof created.

When each composite color proof was generated, a black-only, print-ready versions were generated as well. So, once the rep approved the proof, the back-only version was relocated on the server, along with a text job ticket for the Docutech operators to process. Soon after the custom signatures were assembled with the other sections and the appropriate cover.

Workflow Automation Tool

p>Winderup was contacted by a consultant to write six scripts for a large publisher and media syndication company. When we saw the descriptions of each script in the RFP, a pattern emerged. The scripts each watched a folder for files that had certain properties, some then performed a process on them, then the files were relocated. Anf the scripts would loop in this cycle indefinitely.

Winderup responded by proposing that we develop an application that could create an essentially unlimited number of scripts — a Workflow Automation Tool. We won the job, successfully created the application and the client effortlessly moved thousands of files through their workflow with the power of our application.

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