Winderup is your source for innovative workflow solutions and applications for graphics and business. When others say "it can't be done", watch Winderup get it done.

website development

Website Development

Some clients want to keep it simple. They just want a few web pages to communicate who they are and what they offer in a static website. Others need the ability to add or change content on a moment's notice. These dynamic websites require a content management system (CMS). Winderup can help with either one, giving you the website that best fits your needs.

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Publishing Automation

Does your organization produce catalogs, directories, retail ads, or print-on-demand documents? Well, they all have one thing in common: data drives their content. We used to use AppleScripts to populate QuarkXPress pages automatically. But today, most workflows leverage Adobe InDesign's ability to import XML and format it on the fly. This is Winderup's world of data and graphics.

Geek stuff

Misc Tech Stuff

Do you have an odd job requiring a geek? Maybe you need help with a Social Media Campaign or need advice before purchasing some technology for your small business Call it Geek ala carte. Just reach out and maybe we can help.
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