Responsive Website Ideas

These aren't yet actual sites yet, but they illustrate what can be done with Responsive Wed Design. We can use them as-is or as the starting point for your own design. Then we can put them in front of your our Content Management System (CMS) or we can keep it simple, providing a static brochure-style website.

Static Website or Content Management System (CMS)

Static Sites
Sometimes all you need is an online brochure that changes once or twice per year. Often these clients use social media for their up to the minute promos and news, using their website as a relatively static online brochure. When changes are necessary, they email us the details and we make the changes for them. Customers who request these, get a low cost, responsive site that doesn't require much attention. We have prepared a few real world examples of static responsive websites for you to see, as well as a growing list of responsive template ideas.

CMS Sites
Some clients need the ability to add or change content on a moment's notice. For them, static sites aren't enough. They want posting, sharing, pictures, videos, and they need to immediately tell the search engines about the new content. These are dynamic websites and we've created our own Content Management System to meet the need. We have prepared several examples of actual responsive CMS websites, as well as a growing list of responsive template ideas.

Consider the Following Sample Templates

They're not yet actual sites, but they do illustrate what can be done with Responsive Wed Design. The can be applied to either static of CMS powered websites.

Travel Website Sample

Sample Travel Co

Imagine a travel company promoting various vacation packages. Now how do you inspire people? Images - big, bright beautiful images! And yes, this could be designed as a static site or as one our our CMS sites.

Tattoo Shop Sample

Sample Tattoo Shop

Here's a sample site that's perfect for any organization that has to show off their images. So, here's a sample Tattoo Shop Website. And yes, this could be designed as a static site or as one our our CMS sites.

Tire Store Sample

Sample Tire Store

Here's a sample site for any retail / e-commerce store. Notice the start ratings, the SKU text, and the menu on the right side that can be toggled visible/invisible. If you can't see it, look at the sample on a phone or grab the bottom right corner of your browser and shrink the window until the menu disappears. Then, click the "Toggle Menu" link.

All of our sites are "Responsive"

Ever view a website on your phone and the entire page renders so small that it's impossible to read anything? You then spend the entire time on the site pinching-in and pinching-out in an attempt to read its content. That is how an outdated website looks on today's mobile devices.

Responsive web design solves that problem. Developers can create a single website that looks great on all devices, from large desktop monitors to smart phones of all sizes. And although it is relatively new, it is an expectation by Google and other search engines. Failing to have a website that plays nice with phones and other mobile devices can result in a ranking penalty for your website.

Every site created by Winderup is built with a responsive web design.

Want to know more?

Responsive Web Design is built on the idea of rows and columns. Large screens will show the maximum reach of those rows and columns. But when smaller devices view your page, the columns stack like building blocks, followed by the rows. On every device, your website looks great and the Google gods are happy.